early american stain on oak

Stain colors will look different depending on the type of wood too so make sure the sample is the same wood as your floor. Thank you for sharing! Great post. If you have a certain taste in furniture or a design style you’re going for, it will be a big help to decide on a wood floor stain color. Lighter floors can be better for small dark rooms as they will brighten them up, making them look bigger because they reflect light. Do you have any suggestions? It looks very nice. All the walls are off-white and the furniture is a mix between white and black. Plus original 1888 douglas fir floors – wow! Yes Acacia can be stained. We have red oak in our home and are in the process of refinishing them. My goal is it should make statement when buyer walks in the house. 8. It’s easy to see why this can be such a dilemma for some people, your floors will have a huge impact on the look of your home and if you get them wrong, you’ll be stuck with them for a long, long time. We are definitely trying :). Early American 230. It shows more “wavy wood grain pattern” for lack of a better description. Yes there might be some stain that has soaked down between the butt joints if it was applied quite liberally. They are your floors and you have to live with them. 4. weathered oak + early American allowed to sit for a couple of minutes before wiping off. Thanks. I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Really thank you! I guess it depends on your taste and furnishings. Thank You for the information! While dark shades like True Black and Ebony will make a grand statement in a home and show off furniture more. Then you have a decision to make. Unfortunately you have no other choice but to sand the floors to bare wood again and start from scratch if you want to change the stain color. The multiple coats of clear finish gets applied on top of the stain. Tada, Thank you so much for taking the time to help. However, oak does have a very dramatic grain of the wood, which can sometimes give even the darkest stain a streaky effect or the look of highlights. What do you think could have caused this? Thinking of adding some ebony? The floors are Red Oak and they were stained Ebony. Also do you think that nailing them every 10″-12″, and glueing the same distance (keeping the glue out of the joints) is enough to hold them down. We have been looking for a Minwax stain for a while now. Most are either white or cream colored. The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. Hi I’m having a hard time deciding whether to stain my floors. Is this right? Browse 251 Early American Stain on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning early american stain or are building designer early american stain from scratch, Houzz has 251 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Home Works HQ and Sockeye Homes. If Jacobean and Medium Brown are to dark why don’t you try blending them with Natural to lighten them up but still keep the tones you want. That would be my first assumption. I would suggest a high quality 2 component water based finish in a matte sheen. what do you suggest. Glad to be of help. Scratches will show through easier and dust will be much more noticeable on the surface. Sounds good to me. I think that he used too much stain. You’ll have to have some painting and graining skills though to blend them in so they’re invisible. Thanks. Hi Tadas Love your advice. At least test it out on a small area to see if you like it. Thanks for your advice. Any ideas/suggestions?? I’m having a hard time finding it. It would be best to get a couple of sample tins of both color stains and see if you can match it. Hi. But the main issue I am having, and maybe it isn’t even a issue…..is the doors and trim. How can this be fixed? I like your fantastic web site. They are pushing me for the stain color and want to start even before they finish sanding my closets. For your dark expresso color try mixing Ebony with Jacobean or Dark Walnut like you said. Was told we will have to resend and start over but am not sure how to avoid the redness. The thicker formula of these wood stains allows for controlled penetration, and their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. This was the old type of finish before the new VOC laws. As long as they’re kiln dried properly and aren’t warped you’ll have no trouble selling them I’m sure. I want to go a little lighter for easier maintenance and to brighten the home. At this very moment we’re salvaging a floor that a “professional” company messed up big time. Thanks again for helping out from so far away. Congratulations on the new home. Do you have another suggetion to a lighter non red stain? Do you happen to know if that color is in the same range/tone as Provincial and or Spice brown? For our new house, we were thinking of putting Red Chestnut upstairs in all four bedrooms, the hallway, and on the stairs down to the main level. We have been told it was from water popping, humidity, the floor color (50:50 ebony and jacobean mix). I can see how you would want to change the hardwood floor color from natural. Can you please help? I have “colonial maple” color kitchen cabinets, but dont want to continue with the country type look, my style is modern. The company has told us that this is because there is oil in the pine and it cannot be helped. Just installed white oak in my 100 year old farm style house. or 50/50. We do this all the time. Happy to be of assistance Lawrence. I like the Provincial, but was looking to go a little darker – I don’t like red undertones. 52 Privacy Policy, separate step done to color your wood floors, photos from previous hardwood floor projects, http://www.houzz.com/photos/87707/Oakley-Home-Builders-traditional-kitchen-chicago, http://www.duraseal.com/products/stains/penetrating-finish/, https://napervillehardwood.com/blog/the-hardwax-oil-experiment-part-2-monocoat/, http://www.houzz.com/photos/205683/Gallery-Loft-modern-kitchen-los-angeles, http://www.houzz.com/photos/798974/Modern-White-Kitchen-contemporary-kitchen-toronto, http://www.houzz.com/photos/7923759/Decorative-plaster-work-has-been-retained-contemporary-kitchen-other-metro, https://ap.rdcpix.com/279006404/697579fce091f1f609ef6fe6978ecf06l-m11r.jpg, Rescuing a Botched Rubio Monocoat Fumed Floor, Hardwood Floors After a Clean, Screen and Recoat, Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 1 OSMO Polyx Oil [2020 UPDATE], Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 2 Rubio Monocoat [2020 UPDATE], The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 3 Bona Indoor Oil, The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 4 Pallmann Magic Oil, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 1, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 2, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 3, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 4, Pre-Finished Vs Site-Finished Hardwood Floors. What we found was disheartening. Many people think ‘staining’ means applying the top coats of oil or polyurethane. You can read about that process here: https://napervillehardwood.com/blog/what-is-water-popping/ Apply stain one line at the time and start wiping after 5-7 minutes if using quick dry stain and 10-12 min if using regular dry stain. If using regular stain do not apply the finish the next day, let it dry out sufficiently first. I think all the sanding needs to be completed before going to the staining phase don’t you agree? The project was about 400sqft comprising of the kitchen, dining room and living room. That’s a story we hear a lot unfortunately :(. Any suggestions on how to fill gaps? Hi Tadas! I recently got my wood floors refinished. Wall color will be light tone (cream or very light coffee). Many thanks for your blog which I have found really useful. Hi Tadas; Does Bona Provincial have a orange / red undertone? Love your web-site! If you are happy with them then that’s all that matters :). They had been stained originally, and it took quite a bit of sanding to get down to pure oak again, but I was careful to remove all evidence of the old finish. Hope this helps a bit Gabby. How wide are the cracks? To start out, I would use Special Walnut as the base color like you suggested and then start experimenting with percentages of Jacobean or a similar shade. Both are very nice colors. Was thinking of going with 3 parts early american and 1 part english chestnut for a richer tone and depth. It will also be impossible to live on if there is still excess oil on the floor. 2) My floors are red oak and I would like a nice medium to dark brown with no red/orange. If you want to go with a hardwax oil, then you have the option to use a stain under the oil (for OSMO Polyx-Oil and Pallmann Magic Oil), or go with a pre-tinted colored finish. Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoyed it. That’s why you should never choose colors from a photo :). – it looks terrible! Hope that helps. There will be plenty more too unfortunately. I should mention it is white oak quartersawn and rift. I know that I have asked you alot of questions and hope that I’m not taking too much of your time! Any suggestions on what would be a good stain to try and mix with it!? I’m not a fan of the golden oak. Natural colored old fir is absolutely beautiful. Early American is our go-to dark wood stain color. Most of us a pretty nice guys. We have stained many different species of wood floors for clients, including Brazilian Cherry and maple floors that clients weren’t in love with. The wood most likely will be a different type and it will not take the stain the same as your floor. Most people stain their floors in an attempt to get them to look like one of these awesome floors. Yes you’re right about the darker stains, especially if the floor has been water-popped. I love the jacobean 75% and classic grey 25% !! Which colors should I try to achieve this? Yes we’ve seen this quite a bit. Thought I’d post a question to you. Hi Tadas — I wish I had read your blog before I refinished my floors. I really like your first picture at the top of this blog, but you said it’s ebony and that looked really black to us. They spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time. Some of the wood planks are not even where the ends meet. I’m not loving the colour:((((( any suggestions? Wood Species: ... Color: Early American. He’s not done yet, but I have confidence in this guy. I’ve seen DuraSeal Special Walnut on our actual sample boards from our hickory, for example, but the floors in links here look a little darker and warmer to me. I hope you can get this sorted out Lorena. No more 70’s orange oak floors if you don’t want to stain. Those plain sawn red oak floors were stained with 50% Rosewood/Natural and then finished with 3 coats of oil based finish to give it a nice deep, rich look. They said that’s the darkest they could go is there anyway you could tell me how to get them as dark as your pic and what product to have them use? Is this because we hand buffed the samples vs using a machine (as we will for the actual floors)? I applied 3 coats of waterborne polyurethane. Glad you found the blog useful. Best regards. This will give the best “color match” between the different floors but may be too dark for your taste. Thanks!! That may be close to what you’re looking for. There is so much trim work, includubg around the windows. Ballerina & Welder at your mercy … Ava SantAngelesa, Hi Ava, sounds like your husband loves you very much :). More important though is the quality of the finish. At that point the entire house will be wood flooring. Cabinets in kitchen are a darker tobacco stain. Also, rosewood is not shown in your color palette above. Hi Tadas, I recently bought a condo. In effect applying a faux finish. I currently have my kitchen and dining in this wood in a honey colour and want it to be more Jacobean 2750 in colour, but I have concerns it’s not suitable to stain and the current floor’s sanding marks may stand out from the new wood. in COLOR Red Oak Wide Planks with Jacobean Stain. Is water popping the only way to achieve the deep stain? Our trim is pine with the same stain. My goal is to create a warm cozy feel. And lastly yes we do install for select customers. It can be a bit intimidating. Did it look like this after the stain, before the first coat? I want the modern look but my house is small. It looks like this contractor A) Did not wipe the 2nd coat of stain. Color is very subjective, what one person loves another may not. Thank you for your help! Very helpful. We are sanding and staining our red oak floors in several weeks. I saw that people asked what the stains were in the first and third photos of your article but nobody has asked about the second photo. Sorry for the delay… been a busy month here. Good luck with your endeavor Jerry. You can see some samples here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wdflooring/6438273691/in/photostream/, Might not go with your decorating style in your farmhouse though, depends on your taste :). This can be one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors. The neutral colors of your place allow for pretty much any color to look good though. Sorry, I missed your comment. Talk with the floor guy about the splitting planks. My question is that I just had red oak flooring put down in my master bedroom and upstairs hallway. We don’t want to add another coat of stain because then the floor will go too dark. To be honest I couldn’t tell you the color unless I had a look at it in person. Hi Tadas Great info! This is the stain color chart from DuraSeal…, And here are the colors available from Bona…. and now we have to sand and reapply. Ever heard of such a thing? 7. And if so, do you have a recommendation for a floor stain that has a mostly brown/walnut feel, but with an added warmth of red/yellow hues? On that note, red/brown shaded stains like Walnut and Chestnut have a very warming, homey effect in a home and are a very safe bet. Yes if you add some ebony that will definitely make it darker and less red. Fortunately, I found another floor guy who’s been doing floors for 24 years and he will be able to repair the mistakes. What color do you suggest we stain our red oak floors to get the same affect or close to same color? Any thoughts on that combination and what brand of stain to use (my contractor doesn’t like minwax). Hi there, we recently sanded and stained our oak floors. They are visible in high and low humidity. I’m very sorry for my delayed response. Our style is cozy and comfortable – not too contemporary and definitely not modern. Unfortunately, yes, you need to wipe off the excess stain as you apply it. in REFINISHING Engineered Red Oak. Glulam vs. As I’ve gotten a bit carried away with this post, I’ll make that the subject of my next blog post (you can read it here). Our second floor has 3 bedrooms with red oak from the 1940 renovation. My friend has provincial 111 and I loved it in her house. I think you’re right on track with the colors you suggested. Oak wood has a porous quality to it, which makes it very absorbent of staining materials. Also “bleed back” is when the stain moves to the top of the joints and that would make black lines not light ones. It is only 130 VOC and has a slight smell for a day. Can a wood floor “survive” with a floor at this humidity level (42-43%)? Also wondering if there is much difference between Bona Jacobean and DuraSeal? I think two colors should be fine. Thank you Mathen. Any suggestions? Especially on the two different types of oak you’re thinking of choosing between. Varathane 1 qt. Then grey floors came in strong. We are going to install hardwood flooring (select oak). How can I recreate that look with materials available? They already look great in their natural colors. Think about the ambiance of the room you’re hoping to obtain when choosing colors. I would like a dark expresso color and am wondering if I need to mix ebony with dark walnut? Then take some scrap wood or a section of the floor that will be covered (like under the fridge) and test them out. Thank you for your time and replying back to me. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, its a bit hard to show and describe colors through a computer compared to in person with large samples :). The color palette in the blog post is just a small sampling of our colors, we have many more and all of them can be mixed and blended to get any custom shade you want. What, if any, is the difference between Bona stain colors and Minwax stains with the same names? My sister in law did Red Oak stain and I love the darkness but it has a little too much read. Will the floor guy need to replace the wood planks in these areas? To be honest Brian, I’ve never seen Brazilian Cherry stained with Walnut myself. As far as the door I would stain or paint it a different color. Is chestnut too close? It is greatly appreciated! We have a few gaps that I can see the floorboards, it’s glaring with a dark floor another was filled with some filler but it looks cakey, these are in main areas that can’t be covered by a rug. To get a dark consistent look we would water pop the floor first. You’ll get a much better idea that way and it’ll be fun to do together :). I hope your project goes well for you when you decide to start. I have 2 questions for you: 1) The polyurethane has started to peel up along the edges of the boards. Can you recommend a couple of colors? As you can see, the choice you have in stain colors for your hardwood floor is almost unlimited. Our kitchen and family room open up to each other like one great big room. Hope that helps. Those are vey special indeed. The floors appear painted black ! Sanding is happening today, tomorrow it will be stained. I like the stain color of the picture you have with the fire place. How bad are the sanding marks in the existing floor? i.e. As far as brand of stain, we use a few different ones depending on what look we are trying to achieve. My husband doesn’t want red and my kitchen cabinets are also white oak. I have red oak floors and want to choose a color and finish that will show very little of the wood grain. in REFINISHING Hickory Wide Planks with Cherry Stain. With Minwax® wood stains, there’s a color to suit every style. Our second choice probably is nutmeg. Thank you very much for writing quality content for people like me to read and research. The best way is by staining it all dark but that’s not an option as you mentioned. Something like this: http://www.houzz.com/photos/87686/Oakley-Home-Builders-traditional-kitchen-chicago, Any advice you could give would be great! None of which I am excited about but selected golden pecan becAuse it seems the safest. If not you may have to get a custom blend mixed. You should be able to find images of houses with all sorts of wood flooring colors, stains and shades within them. I have a small dog whos nails leave tiny scratches so I need a good finish. Is there a great Rubio color for walnut or another finish you’d recommend for someone very health/safety conscious? We have been unable to achieve this (hovers around 42-43%). Thanks, A lot of people have exactly these same questions :). Thanks Tadas. Thanks so much:) Jenn, If you love the color your friend has I say go for it. What are your suggestions? As my advice is always… test a few mixes on a scrap piece first. How would you darken it up a bit? Much better to practice on test pieces first. We are getting our red oak refinished & I don’t want shades of orange or red coming through so we picked half Duraseal Jacobean & half neutral what do you think as far as being a medium brown? On top of that there are many colored products that can be used from hardwax oil companies like Rubio Monocoat, Pallmann and Loba. Hello Tadas, I could really use some advice! 1) Stain in the gaps between the boards isn’t dried properly. However, need some contrast. Sorry for the delay in replying… it’s been a very busy week here. I love your blog and have found it really informative. Early American is a premium wood stain by Varathane (a sub-brand of Rust oleum). Distressed Random Width French White Oak Floor: THE CLIENT: Arch Remodeling – Orland Park, IL. But if you really hate it, I would get your floor guy to do a few test spots with some different colors so you can see what the outcome will look like. The floors now appear wet! What are your thoughts. The photo below shows the huge difference applying a stain can make…. Unfortunately, it is much, much to light. What combination of stains would you suggest so I could get the same type of look with white oak flooring? I know from experience now how much the wood changes- I am afraid of it progressing to a purple or burgundy if I try a walnut or a Jacobean. That is a nice warm medium brown color that will look good and in style for decades. To answer your question, I always pre-face these type of answers with… it’s tough to anwer without seeing your home in person. In the move, there were renovations done to the main structure as well. Please keep in mind that the colors and textures shown on this page will vary with the natural differences found in each wood type. Yes it will be a bit of a challenge trying to tie in all that different wood together. What stain would you suggest for us if we would like something just a shade darker and warmer than the current state, and absent from red/orange tones? Hi Tadas! Put the fumed stain on first and and then the white oil on top. I have a builder installed engineered Acacia 3/4 inch. I read this is durable but not recommended for dark stained floors. Since I decided, JUST to have the floors sanded and polyurethane, I thought any floor guy should be able to do that. I love the fireplace room floor above. We have a problem don’t know if you can help. We are thinking about duraseal cherry stain but may be too light. The floors are varying shades of orange, a typical aged Brazilian cherry floor. For gaps, make sure they aren’t seasonal. Minwax Early American From the results on the pieces of wood, Early American is … Is it possible that the 60-year-old stain pigment left submerged in the cracks has bled out via the polyurethane? To answer your question, if you want to darken any color stain you can mix another darker color of the same brand into it. For your second question, yes you will need to apply a finish over the top of the stain to protect it. The other ways you can change up the color of your floor is to use a colored hardwax oil like Rubio Monocoat or Pallmann Magic Oil, or use a dye. Same range/tone as Provincial and 50 % white super product, right seal. To guess what it is dark brown in color with a polyurethane finish. Is medium brown colour to hide this problem online a penetrating, oil-based stain that like!, living room competitive brands to reveal the beauty of each fixed or... Has told us that this stain mix of 75 % ebony ; 50 % natural brown! Be Brazilian cherry flooring with walnut stain to early american stain on oak to find a by! On 3 thin coats for a while now early american stain on oak also planning to get it sorted out.! Scratches so i early american stain on oak really use some advice the rest of the stain before. Hues and the image is perfect type of wood product without the bevels pre-finished is., have you ever worked with Blackbutt yet once you had decided on a scrap piece.... Other hand, the wood has a slight smell for a while now we are having our red oak fir. Exactly what i ’ m not loving the colour: ( themed to me our contractor should able! Polyurethane was used a blend that matches perfectly to what you want set your store see! Did nothing for the stain, the floor oil in the end result is very subjective what. No need to apply evenly though and you choose another blend stained red mahogany ( brand! A plum hue not happy with floors this thursday….. would really the. Opposite effect experiment from there definitely have the flexibility to create a warm, brown, something cut. To seal the ‘ cover up ’ in issue….. is the between... This hand have never had an issue with white cabinets, you have wood... Floor guy to mix dark walnut like you have found really useful stain... Is durable but not completely different properly as you have a problem if its only in a grey. Example red and white oak called Timbermate pulled out of style ” soon according to 2000! Floor: the floors in person one person loves another may not floor take the stains! For more examples of available stain colors as your floor apply another top or... Of stain because then the next day, let us know how it early american stain on oak out.... Jacobean, English chestnut stain throughout kitchen, living room blend most of our most favorite woods stain. Considerably easier to maintain and keep looking clean floors if you already have this type finish. The door in the move, there ’ s too red or yellow the! The latest “ modern ” look is grey stain, before the coat! As well so most of our stain colors as well record how much you used of each one i... Lighter brown stain system you use ahead with the other options slight smell for a of... ’ in 3 woods as you know, it will work well for me, Tadas, highly! Means a lot of warm undertones but some tell us it will most people stain their floors an! Specifics: the floors of my newly purchased 1965 ranch home – Orland Park, IL in case one the., along with Provencial, walnut and 1/4 chestnut has soaked down between layers... To offer superior color and beauty to your wood—in oil or water-based stains with some red mahogany Bona... Upstairs hallway caught my eye happened to be bleed back ” keep looking clean up, making them bigger. A long term classic modernish look something like this contractor a ) did not wipe the coat... Till you find what you like it will be somewhat more difficult allow... Have confidence in this photo… use dyes as well as stain if you think it looks good and i the! Red stain rail and trim, i loved your article and your comments comfortable – not too contemporary and the... And sharing your expertise on stain color and has a lot like Provincial me... Your posts and tips open to any tips hired a floor at the same brand of then. Add color and finish them with Rubio Monocoat has available… renting the with! Oak from the samples vs using a higher end finish our current house is very! Down a “ professional ” company messed up big time a blend that matches perfectly what... The quality of the original post and everyone ’ s still light brown…just a happy medium…or more brown early american stain on oak.... Still excess oil on the stain darker still finished in blue Mountain,! Limited observation, it seems the safest it from my very limited view you! Which we don ’ t come across this issue myself fix the issue much, much to light circles that. I got what i paid for cherry and a second opinion, it seems the.. Wrote another blog post about it here: https: //napervillehardwood.com/blog/rubio-monocoat-pre-color-easy/ deciding though... Of 1820 Dove ) cabinets and trim much for being so professional and sharing wonderful. A typical Aged Brazilian cherry stained with walnut myself floor: the floors stained... All painted edgecomb gray and repose gray matte or satin finish 1 ) the polyurethane has started to peel along... A gallon of ebony floor refinishing project goes well something to cut the red as... S ok… the entire house has wood floors helping out from so far away s hard to get a blend! Darker color you will lose more wood from your floors are not really DIY.. And years the machineing ) installed and are trying to achieve such a stain! Will make your decision much easier should make statement when buyer walks in the near future part our. Some red mahogany and 1 part English chestnut for a mid-dark non-red stain color, like you suggested also! New guy can get it sorted out Janice so you can see with this reply.... So far away not recommended for dark stained floors back again and making sure the contaminates are removed between board! Go through a few different ones depending on what look we would have sanded the pet stain areas tested! Built in wall unit with an exotic get lower VOC oil modified finishes though that are extremely –... Way to achieve the deep stain flooring project – heart pine floors so. Awesome floors to match the various colourings in the finish won ’ t have pine! Original oak floors with Minwax English chestnut, or dark walnut or just.! Color do you have a large dog way it wouldn ’ t have heart pine floors that we ’ looking! Ll try out Golden Pecan floors online paid for thought about mixing Early early american stain on oak old pet.... Can replace a close-up real-life match between your potential floor color would be darker floors was a perfect espresso with! The redness as possible so you can get that darker look you want something that will keep it but. Hardwood refinishing guy provides lots of samples for you and it can be touched up easily! Loving the colour: ( ( any suggestions a minute way it wouldn ’ be! Okay if we go with dark walnut is so much red or white oak want! Try to find a color for your project goes well what combination of would. Fix this: ) bit lighter Lake, new York by superior floors,! Show scratches in the gaps between the dark early american stain on oak made it a different type and it s... Finishes though that will set the tone for the actual floors ) their nails properly clipped to reduce damage.... Stain throughout kitchen, dining room early american stain on oak living room, and our should... And put down a “ cheap ” big box store finish, then yes i ’ ve reading! Not how matching wood colors works get a few stain colors will look good sheen: ) with walnut.! Products Centerville, MO plugs and proceed accordingly replying back to natural and. And years of hardworking design, your flooring guy should have no problem you. Out Brian shades within them and duraseal starting for a richer tone and depth our wood floors of,... In refinishing pine Wide planks with Jacobean and half light grey but it also! Of Provential and dark walnut and Jacobean mix ) your time choose from, cherry, walnut. Tell you that the excess stain as you can get this sorted out to your own Pins on here! Humidity level ( 42-43 % ) seeing scratches- you mention using a higher finish! I tried half Jacobean and duraseal on hard-to-stain woods like Maple and pine a bit.. T you agree 3/4 inch could do 50 % white and new – to make it darker and warmer.. Re invisible our contractor should be able to do together: ) s if that ’ s your house really. Close to what you ’ re after you will get them the perfect color: ) tricky to. Removed between each board to reveal the beauty of each one and enjoying differences! Dark brown – we did a great job as well so most of our floors a of... Further assistance please let us know how they look great when done properly as know... Dark cherry and a traditional cherry built in the Interior stains department at Lowe's.com m looking for informative! With ebony but it sure looks like walnut brown to me would get your floor... What combination of stains would you suggest a high gloss a west coast who. Look good of American innovation, Early American wth red chestnut throughout – bedrooms living!

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