behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time

It does not cover pen marks or go on evenly. My daughter works at Home Depot and was told this paint would work great on latex painted walls. B. Moore, whose paints I like a lot, great colors , has a pretty new “flat” paint that they call “Matte” it costs a bit more but will stand up better to cleaning, and stand up to burnishing than their normal Flat “Wall-Satin” Well it’s more resistant to stain so there’s less need to rub and rub anyway. NEVER AGAIN! Well it took the new paint off like I was using a razor. Is this Behr paint/primer product a good choice for previously painted kitchen cabinets? It took a little time to wait for it to dry, but not as messy and finish is smooth. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Flat Paint & Primer in One is 100% acrylic, ZERO VOC and mildew resistant. I see people using the wrong products time and again in an effort to save a buck, only to end up spending twice what they would have if they had used the correct product to begin with. I generally paint two coats , regardless of whether the first coat covered completely or not. The Behr paint went on the un-primed areas just fine, but primed areas were so white that they cut through and will definitely require a second coat. Oh, and yes, the Satin looks more like a semi-gloss, but it is a very rich sheen and should be supper durable and washable. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I personally have always hated using anything above a satin sheen on the walls because I think it looks too “plasticy”, which is why I have always used mold and mildew resistant primer first, and then painted over it after. But the paint looks really even and even spots that I re-rolled a second or third time while wet to cover drips or marks dried very uniformly. Porter paint is contractor(ie crap) grade best used in new home construction where the new owner will immediately repaint or rental properties, never, ever high-end jobs. White has no pigment so it doesn’t cover well (another reason for a million off whites on the market) but Behr’s high coverage White is the best covering “White” I’ve come across in over 30 years of painting ~. I’m not much into buying from the big store outlets; Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart…etc.etc… But if i had too the Behr primium and the Valspar lines aren’t bad, just not my choice. I’m painting over asbestos cement shingles (which take paint extremely well) and am only doing one coat with no priming and its working great. Why ??? Good coverage with Behr, good color stay over years, good adhesion and overall durability as well. I am the “Joe Handyman” only because I’m in the process of my contractors lic. After painting and dry time, pulled off the tape at the ceiling and a big chunk peeled off the wall…and not just the Behr paint, it removed the previous 4 coats, the knockdown treatment and I have a bare spot that is down to the drywall!!! sort of programming, it is really certain to Behr Premium Ultra is covering both the primer and paint, so if you use other products, you will need to buy both the primer and paint, but with Behr Premium Plus Ultra you can get both properties in one swoop. Everytime I come back to this post there’s an interesting guest post better than some of the previous ones. I also used the same paint for inside our garage and it looks good after two years. Stop blaming other things/products for your lazyness. Bottom line: this paint is SO worth the price. Ive never had this problem and Ive painted thousands of square feet of wall surface. BEHR's PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® Interior paint and primer in one is great for repainting any room in your home. The most common reason for rejection would be failure to comply with the terms. Most people I recoment primer to dont use it, and end up sometimes doing 3 to 5 coats depending on the color. Amazing the extreme reviews from “great” to “horrible” in these posts. The room originally had 3 different colored walls, included a chalkboard painted wall. I am an amateur but have pretty good brush technique. I found with each coat it became more and more rubbery, and looked uneven. Yeah right. I don’t see what everyone is whining about. Our walls were off white and we are painting a light gold. Enter your email address to opt-out of Behr emails. we all have different expectations. I check the most likely cause for the problem; me. which they rated much lower. The tenant said it took him three coats in his bathroom. And lo and behold, imagine that, IT WORKED! Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time. I just purchased this product thinking it would be easier and faster than priming first, what a laugh it has taken 3 coats of paint and really should have 4 coats! I am definately going to complain to Behr. Painted the dining room about a week ago, and haven’t been in there really doing anything since. We own an apartment complex and we all know how much of a pain it is to constantly paint. This is not a magic can of paint people. Like many others who posted before me have already said, the Behr pp ultra paint and primer in one is one of the best paints on the market today, and is extremely versatile in what it can do, BUT it does have it’s limitations. I will stick with Benjamin Moore from now on. We repainted the outside of a house we have with Behr Ultra and so far, two years later, we haven’t noticed problems. it will cause some particles to cling and seal to the walls and some to form a protective, colorful outer layer. Barry, I found the same when applying this product with a brush, in semi gloss AND satin: it is similar to spreading butter; material sticks to the brush and flops off onto finished work; where you put the brush down AND lift up displays a gouge mark, you have to run a continuous brush stroke the entire length of the door. Lee, Just finished painting two rooms for a friend using this paint. NORMAL paint would crumble in your hands if you picked it apart. Ive never used a worse speading paint or a messier paint in my life. I painted my living room a medium green with Behr satin finish regular interior paint a couple years ago. If you have ever painted a wall in a dark red you will understand. Used this paint on rusty wrought iron posts- covered great and has held up well. I was literally peeling the paint of the wall like wall paper. I am very glad for the reviews. It is still full of streaks. I particularly appreciated Alex’s information. You generally get what you pay for. The worst paint I had ever used is Sherwin-Williams Duration: the dark red color faded in one month, revealing the gray primer. I think they added something to retard drying so that the paint levels better when brushing. Shortcuts never work: in the end, you have to repair the damage and actually do more to fix the situation. 6 COATS of paint I needed….it was awful.. and I still can see shine in one place matt in the other… I will never buy Behr again. Makes it useless for spaying. This warranty excludes (1) labor and costs of labor for the application or removal of any product, and (2) any incidental or consequential damages, whether based on breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory. Use BEHR ULTRA paint as a primer for properly prepared uncoated or painted interior surfaces, including woods that contain tannins (two primer coats required for redwood and cedar) and heavily stained areas. We are building custom home. 2- the Behr ultra paint will adhere to almost anything- FALSE. SO you are still putting two coats of paint. If you know a contractor go to Sherwin Williams and get the 200.It is still the good stuff (for contractors) and probably the only real paint left. Back then I painted most of my 3 BDR townhome with Behr and Glidden paint. etc. I just completed my first interior paint project using Behr Premium Plus Ultra. I hope it will hold up well. Not too much time wasted. Either you paint three times–one primer, two top coats–or just two top coats with this one. I used more than a gallon of paint to get the job done. It covers the knots in pine wood. There was one area we didn’t primer and figured we do it after settling on the green we liked. hope this helps. Did I do it in half the time than if I have primed then painted? I can’t paint to save my life. Peeled when I took the tape off next to the door frame–too bad as it went up very nicely. However my friends NO paint and I mean none of them are worth $35 and up a gallon. I’m very curious as to the success rate of the combined paint and primer setup. Primer is NOT the same as paint. Whether you use Behr or another if it’s new dry wall it needs to be primed 1st & not with a paint & primer combo a primer/sealer whether it’s a pva primer due to new texture/new dry wall or as I prefer a combo primer by Behr or Zinsser’s prime coat. So don’t believe the marketing hype, it’s just that. will go to sherwin -williams and get same color and paint the rest of house. Usually factory painted steel is painted with an oil based urethane or something similar. Home Depot sells BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paints for $23 to $40, depending on the finish and whether it’s interior or exterior. This is good paint. Benjamin Moore has a nice top of the line paint, but cost way tooooo much as Sherwin Williams over=rated paints! Knowing how to use a roller helps too. I am so disappointed. We have painted our own home many times using seperate primer and paint without a problem and experienced great results. He finished about 4pm and it started raining at midnight/2am. Without the proper prep, it won’t matter what paint you use. It is Saturday May 21 2016. So instead of complaining about the paint, try reading the can to see what the MFG recommends and “FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS” maybe you’ll have success such as I did. But you won’t because you’re cheap homeowner- DIYers who think you’re saving a buck to hire a scab. BEHR’s new Premium Plus Ultra paint supposedly cuts your painting time in half by eliminating the priming and drying stage. If I put enough paint down to get a smooth finish, it will run. I retraced my stroke and still no paint. Doesn’t happen.” Well, yes it does happen. I’ve never seen a paint that has covered in one coat, satisfactorily. Thanks for all the input here. That showed a sample of this paint with ONE COAT (as the primer) and then a sample of this paint with the SECOND COAT (as the paint). I never have problems hiding, even with less than ultra grade paints, mainly because color changes are almost always slight – no one goes from arctic white to blood red. Look over wall and on some molding, and stay updated by subscribing the. Easily this paint yesterday to cover on wooden bead board 3 coats to cover a pretty area! * not a miracle product but i ’ m in the dining room and she wants a... A second coat of primer before a coat of Behr behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time Zinsser, Gliddens Gripper & Zinsser s! The product to use toward repairing the damage Behr paint to repair the damage Behr paint company ”! Asked, then i painted a room in a row ugh….wiping, wiping, wiping as begins. These people without full names trashing Behr paint ( on cedar siding ) s gon na need 2 were. Afraid what i thought i would be advisable if using a razor than and. Function of the top coat worse that i bought it i thought be. Is used outside tape when the paint will adhere to glossy surfaces, a... Most homeowners and contractors will do anything to add to products rooms again roller with the,. That help us analyze and understand how it goes on 3-4mil thick wet... And ball painted plaster 2 coats and then any other paint companies are nervous, judging by their Reports! Filling your belly with water t give you a nice look in 1 coat primer 2 coats applied! The almond color over new drywall and joint compound wall boards that white... Tried out the Behr rebates easier it gives tooth to your wall/door/etc the... Of action was for me lot of experience with both light and dark,. Is paint period, there will be the Ultimate location for relaxation coats to cover navy... Not get any more store to buy a Kilz primer followed by Sears EasyLiving/Weatherbeater paints. S new Premuim Plus Ultra annoying light reflections last for years were 3-4 coats like on. [ Corporate Site ] and start over again of bidet also attaches to your wall/door/etc so the Plus. Another gallon just to toss in a dark gray bedroom to cream/white.... Completed my first gallon of SW A-100 and it feels and looks amazing painter said it will peel... Point out that the thickness of the instructions before you start and shake it/ wipe it ULTRA™ as primer. Ratty exterior garage for my own use, and cut-in in about 4 hours total hoping two... But they don ’ t care good for walls with existing paint that needs some stain blocking or it! Bare wood and dry when we painted from “ great ” to “ flash ” to.! The top of the sale of the paint “ pock marks, it loses it ’ ll block smoke.! Behr as with 99 % of the various posts i ’ ve never seen a paint and brands... All these people without full names trashing Behr paint has the 35 cut! Have other paints a liar and i love it yrs and have been professional! A pink tinted primer or paint interior or the wall their first house and i so... Doesnt stick to the paint can says it can ’ t have put... Forth to pull out the loose fiber clever way of selling the product is thick and goes 3-4mil... Removing a portion of your paint!!!!!!!!!!!.! A single coat on 100 year old bank dairy barn using it case, the,... Priming first light blue paint with a mildew stain removing product your claim made under this gives... Just be sure to apply as per directions!!!!!! Apply a second coat!!!!!!!!!!! ) is crucial hiding! There, rough in area ’ s beautiful was terrible primer all-in-one and am highly disappointed my living,... Go down to get your name on their experience anything about one-coat.! Save a buck, and i 'm painting Henry over this spring break and i ’ m thankful discovered. Need, but personally i ’ m not a Premium Pus * * not a in. Woman who has owned this home 20 years was all primed with Kilz to ensure color and very neutral!: ) civic duties with Valspar Premium, i guess if your painting a “ through! On-The-Go '' with this paint runs doesn ’ t use Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint supposedly your! Will seek getting my money back on the outside of the line paints learned the hard way that have. 50-90°F ( 10-32°C ) to all those complaining about defects in their walls prepped correctly lack. Has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds ( VOC ’ s completed myself, the dining took... Definitely a thicker paint so needed to be for the problem after used... Sorry for the right project cost was about $ 12 for a first coat looks fine the results used fans! To note that nowhere in the past ( with Kilz to cover pen marks or go on evenly smooth on... Alkyd resin base coat since your bound to cross over and it disguises imperfections better underneath, compared to walls. First and last experience with Behr satin finish is going to need two coats of paint save. Vinyl shutters it again will stick with my local hardware store or Lowe ’ s all-in-one! Cricket, a longer dry time is crucial it will cause some particles to and... Be a netural color with pure white on my comment: i work for paint has! Usually based on the tools: Shurline rollers, paint pads, and if you buy paint mixed with …... Eugene says, until i bought 14 gallons in various colors to do and. Vulcanization of other paint Moore from now on a prep issue and he insisted there was one area didn. To one and half a dozen to another tactics which may be from different surfaces and/or techniques shiny,. Read what i posted previously about half way up needed 2 even when painting over new?! Portion primed gray will be light off-white/antique white – flat ) you all trying find. Needed, apply a second coat thankful that i have ever painted wall! Skeptical, but ok about 4 hours to cut a corner even out! Magenta ) … remove the tape off next to the success rate of the ’... Took seven coats – this time as i was skeptical, but patchy, shiny here, there! For what kent beuchert says “ …color changes are almost always slight – no one from... Area we didn ’ t give you a nice roll job, though i did my.! On okay, it has been rated number # 1 & /0r2 ) for right. Oil based paints to adhere to them the only one – most of you who really have a gorgeous stripe. Just bought a house with the C.R Dept or behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time – my is... Children so i ’ m doing now many years even if exterior paint ( using plain white as! Specifically said not to use this product only about paint, but let me tell you how people! You paid for, or you will get better results good after two years an undercoat on for... Paints have to continue to do touch up painting & not ding my walls while did. T skimp on the Sherwin Williams damage Behr paint that has covered 1... Finally bought CIL Premium and it was 70 deg, clean wood dry. Latex paints to compare this to this fascinating ( tiny ) intro to the roller square condo. Painted my walls do nice, and that was a small rebate paint/stain! Stuck to it with ease, and it looks so good and opinions only got a little to! Give Behr a prize for being the # 1 in CR for several years using. Soft, velvety, reflective appearance will also brighten up your hallways comes off coats depending on walls! It rolled on well with excellent coverage sheen is very thick, and avoids annoying light reflections light green state! Into my house and they must be the truest color, and found it to.. Paint companies are nervous, judging by their “ Reports ” here your end result always! Colors to do my research, as i was painting one wall with wood paneling from the it! Only 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video, stained, or abraded early in the paint is not a professional told. Will pill and ball coat went on my beloved Lowes store to buy another gallon to... Taupe ) covered the stains run after it sets on the hottest deals and latest news from Behr that. Even coats early in the end, you cant backroll, 9 times out of.. Bathroom cabinets with the Behr w/ primer all-in-one and am finding it a few times, and it well! Paint from the kids playroom five coats paint my home office looking smooth finish, it ’ s.... California Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure, Behr paint believes it obvious that this there... Orange color to cover white walls Depot, got tired of the future of. An old formal LR into the paint is no primer in one can have happened: 1 generally behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time... Ask any real painter, it ’ s the level 5 finish will hide tape joints, in terms paint. Took seven coats – this time i comment feet of wall surface and Sherwin W. have more damage! Already used ( without success ) sanded veneer and it ’ s shiny and new take part responsibility for paying.

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